Changes for Reporting Hours

Starting in 2017, Master Gardeners should combine the ACT categories into one Service Hour category.  There is no need to tally Administration, Community Service, and Teaching hours as separate categories. The required number of Service Hours (formerly ACT hours) remains the same: 40 for interns and 25 for Certified Master Gardeners.  The CEU requirement will remain at 8 hours for Interns and Certified Master Gardeners.

Lifetime Master Gardeners will now be required to invest 15 hours per year in Service Hours and/or CEUs.  Note these three examples:  (1) 15 Service Hours and no CEUs,  or  (2) a combination of Service Hours and CEUs totaling 15  or  (3) no Service Hours and 15 CEUs.  (Of course, more hours in either category are encouraged and appreciated, and should be reported!)  Lifetime Master Gardeners will begin recognition of service at 10 years, with additional recognition at the 15, 20, and 25 year levels.




It is important for all Master Gardeners to report volunteer hours (ACT) and education hours (CEU) for maintaining Master Gardener certification and for UT Extension to show impact on the community.


Attached is a PowerPoint presentation describing the reporting process.  The volunteer hours reporting form is also attached.  ACTs and CEUs must be reported by December 31. The link to the UT Master Gardener website follows:

Entering Hours Online
Microsoft Power Point presentation [5.0 MB]
Volunteer Service Report
Adobe Acrobat document [73.0 KB]