Exchange Place on Orebank Road in Kingsport is a non-profit volunteer run Living History Farm that seeks to preserve and protect the history and heritage of an East Tennessee farmstead.


Thousands of people visit the site each year for the Festivals, school programs, workshops, tours and other special events.  A calendar may be found on the Exchange Place website.


Four new lambs and eight new calves have joined the Exchange Place family. Stop by and get acquainted!



Master Gardeners work with other volunteers doing gardening and grounds maintenance. 

Volunteers are needed to help plant and maintain the vegetable garden.

The garden is large. The focus is on growing heirloom vegetables using techniques appropriate to the 1800s.



Early spring heirloom crops include peas, potatoes, all the Southern greens, lettuce, and cabbage.  Later crops include tomatoes, peppers, okra, squash,

and pole beans.


The new "Field Crop Garden" has cotton, alfalfa, rye, tobacco, broom corn and sorghum along with three sisters and pumpkins.

To make the 1850s garden look truly authentic, sorghum, cotton, and
tobacco are grown.  The sorghum plants grew to an outstanding 12 feet in height - a record height at Exchange Place.  


Turnips also did extremely well!


Volunteers who help with the planting and maintenance of the garden get to enjoy the harvest. Excess produce has been donated to a local food kitchen. 

Fall and winter gardens were added in 2013.  New crops of greens, snap peas, lettuce, radishes, carrots, beets, garlic, and onions were planted. The cabbage family crops were also planted.




Photo Gallery Summer 2014

Photo Gallery Summer 2015

For the second year in a row we have tried to grow crops used in the 1850's so visitors to the farm can relate to that time period. These crops would be for animal feed and winter use also for sale or trade with neighboring farmers.   

Along with sorghum for molasses and brooms we also have short variety plants for the grain heads. There are tobacco plants, pumpkins and winter squash, heirloom cucumbers and three sisters (corn, beans and squash) being raised..



If you are looking to grow more veggies, to learn more about heirloom veggies, or make sure you get your volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity.


Master Gardeners also assist in planning and staffing the Spring Garden Fair, Farmfest and the Fall Folk Arts Festival.


Garden tours, children’s activities and workshops are among other activities performed by Master Gardeners.


They also do tree identification,  adoption of areas, and research of heirloom plantings.

Master Gardeners with various interests and skill levels can find a way to become involved at Exchange Place.



Dave Gostomski is in charge of grounds maintenance and the field crop garden. Grounds maintenance volunteers work Monday mornings.

Contact David Gostomski at or 423-212-0231.


Earl Hockin is in charge of the demonstration vegetable garden and is the Garden Committee Liason. Vegetable gardeners work mainly on Wednesday mornings from 10-noon in cool weather and from 9 or earlier till about 11 in hot weather.

Earl's contact information is or 423-817-5473