Johnson City Medical Center, Woodridge Hospital

This project was a 2010 Search for Excellence winner in the Community Service category. Pictured are many members of the hospital team with their commemorative shovel. Congratulations to all team members!

Master Gardeners have partnered with the Johnson City Medical Center to create gardens that are designed to reduce stress and provide a sense of hope and renewal to any community member who enters the hospital, including patients, visitors and staff.

Master Gardeners design and maintain relaxing entrance gardens.



They enjoy sharing their gardening knowledge and skills in the development of comforting landscapes.


They have rejuvenated existing gardens and created new garden spaces. 



The gardens are designed with soothing colors and relaxing designs, with four seasons of interest.



Tropical plants have been added indoors in several high traffic areas, providing a calm and interesting diversion for those who view them.


The volunteers come from diverse gardening backgrounds and demonstrate exemplary teamwork when it comes to problem solving for varying garden conditions and microclimates around the property.


The Master Gardeners are on site once a week throughout the year. Because the gardens are located near entrances to the hospital, we are very visible and easily accessible to anyone who has gardening questions.


This project has benefitted community members by providing calming gardens in a potentially stressful environment.


The project has been very well received, resulting in replication at Woodridge Hospital.



Woodridge Hospital is a 75-bed facility that provides mental health and chemical dependency services for children, adolescents and adults. The Master Gardeners plant and maintain several gardens on the property.



Entrance gardens welcome patients.



The gazebo garden offers a pleasant place for families and pre- admission patients to rest and relax.



A butterfly garden provides interest in a patient courtyard.


Fall asters brighten the landscape.


Volunteers have completed Master Gardener certification as well as the Hospital Volunteer Orientation Program.