The Crumley House Therapeutic Garden

300 Urbana Road, Limestone, TN 37681 


The Crumley House Therapeutic Garden Project became a dream for the Crumley House founder, June Barrett who contacted me requesting help from Master Gardeners to help the Crumley House residents create a vegetable garden.  We fulfilled her dream with the ground breaking and building raised beds in April, 2016 and assisted the residents in their first planting of seeds in June, 2016.


The Crumley House, located in Limestone, TN, provides day and residential assistance and support as a brain injury rehabilitation center.  A majority of the residents participate in the therapeutic garden program.


The garden includes eight raised beds and five wheel-chair accessible beds. 



The residents participate in planting spring, summer and fall crops.  All crops harvested are used in the Crumley House kitchen and the residents enjoy fresh vegetable meals. 


Master Gardeners educate and assist the residents with their seasonal crops.  Spring of 2016, Master Gardeners choose seeds and plants provided by Evergreen Garden Center in Johnson City and assisted the residents in planting their first crop.   Summer, 2017, Master Gardeners assisted in garden clean up and the planting of their summer garden.  This year, 2018, the residents took on the entire project themselves, with a little Master Gardener assistance, of clean up, preparing and planting their seasonal gardening.


The Crumley House Therapeutic Garden is an ongoing project for Master Gardeners to provide instruction, experience, education, and encouragement to the Crumley House residents for their seasonal gardening.  It is very rewarding for the residents to see that they can contribute to a meaningful program, see the benefits reaped, and nutritiously enjoyed.  


Penny Rutledge. Project Leader 

Herb Bed
Tomato Beds
Wheelchair Accessible Beds