Rocky Mount Museum

"Where History Comes Alive"

Rocky Mount Museum is a living history site, taking visitors back in time to 1791, when the area was part of the Southwest Territory. For more information on the special events and educational programs visit the Rocky Mount website.

The Master Garden Project at Rocky Mount has been growing since it began ten years ago.  It started in the vegetable and the Kitchen/Herb Gardens.

The first thing was to move the comfort station (outhouse) from the middle of the garden, cut down the trees surrounding the garden to allow more sunlight, add tons of compost and sand to the clay, design a more formal layout, which was more in keeping with the wealthy, and enclosing it with a period fence.


Next, we built a combination compost pile and cover up for the dumpster. A hot box was built to extend the growing season.


We started a cutting garden for Mrs. Cobb.


Then we brought the orchards back to a productive feature and removed the overgrowth on the rocks so that they were now a focal point at the entrance of the museum. We repaired fencing and continue to fight the kudzu. We enhanced the entrance and exit to the museum by adding beds, updating the sign and trimming trees.


We have added many native plants and have established a native plant trail. We have completely redesigned the front of the museum adding paver paths and numerous flower beds.


We have discovered a pond that was overgrown; added a fence around it, added more native plants, gotten rid of the poison ivy, built a waterfall, are still working on bringing electric to it, and are working on adding a picnic area in the pond area.


We are now enhancing the existing picnic area next to the museum.

We provide garden interpreters for the summer children's camp and for special events at Rocky Mount.

We grow flax that is used to spin linen, broom corn to make brooms, cotton and tobacco. The vegetables and herbs are used in the kitchen for demonstration of cooking in 1791 and the staff and visitors are welcome to our harvest.


The latest projects have been a butterfly garden, new fence around the vegetable garden and an 80 by 40 foot pond with a waterfall. 


The scheduled work day at Rocky Mount is Monday, the day we are closed to the public. Thus we can work in the historical area, without being in period dress, and can use modern tools. However, the tools of 1791 are excellent. There are groups and individuals that take care of non- historical areas, on other days, or in the evening, again when the museum is closed.


Rocky Mount is a great place to work if you, like many of us working there, are gardeners and lovers of history. .