Branch House

313 Foothills Drive, Blountville, TN 37617


Branch House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is a one-stop facility that houses all resources that a domestic violence victim, an elder abuse victim or victim of sexual assault might need. Branch House maintains offices for the District Attorney's Office, local law enforcement from Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, Bristol Tennessee Police Department, Kingsport Police Department, advocates, Legal-Aide, the YWCA, shelter partners and so forth. The idea is to create a comfortable and resourceful environment for victims in the midst of a stressful time in their life and minimize their need to go to multiple separate offices throughout the county to get help. Branch House has been open since May, 2018.

The inside of Branch House has been painted and decorated in calming colors and a homey decor. Since June, 2018, Master Gardeners have been working to make the outside of the building also look inviting, and not institutional. It has been shown that domestic violence victims are more receptive to services in a pleasing environment rather than a more clinical setting.

Branch House Family Justice Center became an official Master Gardener project in July, 2018.


Branch House Entrance May 2018
Branch House Entrance August 2018
Branch House sidewalk May 2019
Branch House sidewalk June 2019


In 2019, we are building on our 2018 efforts. We planted daffodils in three different places, and all bloomed beautifully in early spring 2019. The pansies planted in the fall of 2018 provided abundant spring color; we have now replaced them with vinca, which will make a beautiful entryway all summer and fall.


The grounds are large and there are many possibilities for bed creation and additional plantings. If you like planning the landscaping, planting bulbs or flowers, watering, weeding, and seeing the results of your work, this is the project for you! If you would like to volunteer at Branch House, we will work with you to find a convenient time.


If you are interested in volunteering at Branch House, you need to be aware of these things:

(1)    You will need to sign a confidentiality form stating that you will not discuss anything that you see or hear while working there.

(2)    You will be on camera. There are security cameras at the front and rear of the building.


The MG Branch House project site in Blountville is looking for volunteers.

MG co-leaders are Margaret Woolery and Cynthia Johnson; please contact one of them if you would like to help. We have both morning and late afternoon/evening work sessions.




Iris sp.



Passiflora incarnata



Echinacea tennesseensis

Tennessee Coneflower


Juniperus virginiana

Eastern Red Cedar


Liriodendron tulipifera

Tulip Poplar


Lycopersicon lycopersicum


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